Game Plan Local

Russ, Trish and Laura

The Game Plan Local team, A team with a wealth of marketing, advertising, technology and media experience.

Russ Wasendorf Jr.

President and founder

Game Plan Local & Game Plan Media Events dba of Complete Developer

Russ spent 29 years building technology, media and sales support structures that supported as much as 800 distribution locations in 35 countries.


Russ has a diverse and vast array of business experience managing businesses. A business person with over 29 years of experience as leading, managing and owning businesses who is able to solve complex business solutions in a fast paced competitive environment. Russ has direct experience and is an expert in Management, Business/Division/Project Management, Board of Directors & Executive Management, Operations, Branding, Social Media, Publishing, CRM, Sales, Sales Process & Sales Management, Marketing, Videography, Photography, Internet Technology, Website Design, Networking & Servers, Brokerage, Trading, Financials, Foreign Currency, Options, Derivatives, Stocks, Bond valuation, Trade Credit, Risk Management and Analysis, Banking, eCommerce, Trade Processing, Budgeting, Income Statement & Balance Sheet Analysis, Accounting, Earnings analysis, Price based on EBITA calculations, Customer service, HR, legal contracts, negotiations, operations and mergers & acquisition.


Russ’ educational background is in International business, Finance and Spanish and has done business in 35 countries and has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, Australia and South Asia.


Russ is also the President and owner of Complete Developer. Complete Developer is a successful website design and development firm that also provides social media marketing, graphic design, video production and content creation.


Prior to Complete Developer, Russ was President & COO of a top 50 US financial derivatives firm which was among the very first to deliver futures customer orders directly to CME Globex in 1998 that innovated and developed online trading technology in the futures and options on commodities, stock indexes, currencies, fixed income and precious metals sectors.


Russ founded in 1995 and was President of a successful FX currency arbitrage and online trading firm called PFX that traded FX 24 hours a day. This firm was sold and continued to run as one of the most successful business units of a top 50 US derivatives brokerage.


He utilized his FX expertise and relationships from the study of Spanish language & culture to serve as a liaison between the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the largest banks and financial regulators in Mexico as the Mexican peso futures contract was being developed. Russ wrote the book Foreign Currency Trading, published by McGraw Hill, in 1997.


Russ also helped create and provide content for SFO (Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine) which started in 2001. SFO was one of the most widely-distributed monthly industry publications. SFO had interviewed many world leaders including Barbara Bush, Ted Koppel, Jackie Chan, General Tommy Franks and Federal Reserve Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan. His involvement included an interview with Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz, “the father of modern portfolio theory,”


Russ has lectured and taught on many subjects including Derivatives, Trading, Brokerage and the Sales process, Regulations, Forex, Single Stock Futures, Trading Emini S&Ps, Managed Futures, sustainable investing using managed futures and authored The Secret Keys to Smart Investing with Dan McMullin, in 2009.



Laura Benson


Laura (Burk) Benson

Director of Operations

Game Plan Local & Game Plan Media Events dba of Complete Developer





Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Laura (Burk) Benson came from a big city of traditional advertising with large corporations and chose to support small business with an affordable Grass-Roots approach.

Her career and training is primarily is sales, public relations and event planning.  Most of her clientele are small business owners, however she also works with national accounts and franchises.

Laura  previously owned Game Plan Media, a subsidiary of Laura Burk, Inc.  Game Plan Media offered grass roots marketing programs, unique events, advertising and media as well as consulting services for small businesses in Greater Orlando.

Prior to owning Game Plan Media, Laura also owned Media that Sells, Inc.  which specialized in Media Buying and Placement Services.

Laura got her start in Advertising at a company formerly known as The Business Card Exchange.  She was hired as an assistant and was quickly promoted to Director of Operations, helping to expand the company’s nine locations to over 65 locations throughout Greater Orlando.  She also inspired Face2Face Exchange Events, The Exchanger (a monthly newspaper highlighting clients and board locations) and also created the company’s website.

Her company is the event coordinator and founder of Baldwin Park’s Movies in Park. Which was later gifted to the community of Baldwin Park.

Laura Co-Founded Movie of the Month promotions with Regal Cinemas, offering businesses an opportunity to become part of the entertainment and activities involved in exciting movie promotions.  Her company has worked with several Regal Cinemas throughout Greater Orlando, FL for many years.

Laura has planned a variety of Military Appreciation Events and is a member of many military support organizations.  She continues to look for businesses that will show their appreciation and may even provide Military Discounts and Services.

“My passion and support for the military began as a small child.  Most of the men in my extended family served in the military. My Grandfather was a WWII Vet and a Hero (USAAF).  We have four Marines, one Airman and six Sailors in our family.  I grew up hearing sea stories while looking through black and white photos.  A deep love for my country and those that had and continue to serve began.  My husband is a Seriously Ill Sailor and has been Active Duty with the US Navy for over 23 years, and I am his full-time caregiver. Getting involved with the military and our veteran community can be a great experience for you and your business.  Cause Marketing is important and also provides pride and appreciation in our country and it’s servicemen and women.”


Over the years, Laura has donated her time and talent to many non-profit and support organizations.  Many of the programs that she  supported were military or veterans programs.  Additionally, she has served on steering committees, focus groups and also a volunteer for numerous organizations.

Some of the organizations are listed below:

  • Navy League
  • Lone Sailor Navy Memorial
  • Women in Defense
  • Patriotic Tributes
  • Semper Fidelis America Inc
  • AAAA
  • National Center for Simulation
  • Navy League
  • Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce
  • East Orlando Chamber of Commerce
  • Sanford Chamber of Commerce
  • Oviedo Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Orange County Public Schools, District Wide Partner in Education


Additionally, Laura has also held positions with different financial companies, working in the stock marketing industry.


Laura and her husband love to travel.  They enjoy visiting local places and meeting small business owners.  They are very passionate about helping #SupportLocal in the wonderful communities throughout our country.  Prior to transferring to Washington, D.C. they traveled for 45 days all across the United States.  Laura continues to attend conferences and visit clients throughout the US, which opens the door for more #SupportLocal neighborhoods and relationships to form.


After following her husband to Washington, DC for his military career, she completed her training as an Educational Instructor with Bertliz. Working with Berlitz has allowed her the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world.


In 2017, Laura’s husband became seriously ill; resulting in them moving permanently to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

She continues to work and travel part time for Public Relations and Consulting work all over the United States.