Do you know where your dollars go when you #SupportLocal ?

As a Consumer…..How can you get involved in your neighborhood locally?


Game Plan Local is your Game Plan Guide to where the locals go.
Find where locals go to eat, where locals shop, where locals go to play, where locals get the best deals.

Our city guides are managed by local neighborhood managers who know the area and are constantly searching for great deals, specials, happy hours, events, discounts and contests.

Game Plan Local neighborhood managers work with local businesses to seek special offers, contests and awards to get the best deals, freebies and offers possible for locals.

By using social media the neighborhood managers communicate quickly and in real time what is going on in the neighborhoods and what special offers exist.

Follow our social media pages and subscribe to our eAlerts to find the best of what is going on locally.


Grass Roots meets Online Marketing



We BAND TOGETHER with local businesses and community groups to #SupportLocal and ENCOURAGE the Community in Your Neighborhood to PATRONAGE Local Businesses, to #SupportLocal





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Are you Looking for an Affordable Effective Advertising Program to reach your Local Community?

As an Advertiser……What lost-cost options are available and where do you begin?


At Game Plan Local we support local business owners by offering cooperative local advertising services:

  • Meet & Greet Events: Networking for Local Businesses and Consumers in the Neighborhood Cooperative
  • Social Media Marketing: Your Business Posted and Boosted through Social Media
  • Email Marketing: Your Business Offer Displayed on our email Newsletter
  • Website Listing: Your Business Listed on our Website’s Business Directory (with Link)


Grass Roots meets Online Marketing

Many Advertising Options, One Company to promote you!


Grass Roots Marketing is More Cost Effective than Traditional Methods of Advertising Spending Advertising Dollars on costly direct mail and social media campaigns can be far too expensive for just one business owner to fund annually.


We specialize in “Cooperative Advertising” which provides cost effective shared advertising coverage, cross promotions and community and business public relations for your businesses with the goal of branding your company and building valuable, trusted relationships for you in Your Neighborhood.


Why Game Plan Local?

– Seeking Neighborhood Managers


As a Neighborhood Manager…..Support YOUR local neighborhood!

Earn a living part time or full time as a community/neighborhood manager.


We are looking for Neighborhood Managers to work within communities to help us identify the best…. the top ten…. etc.

Manager your neighborhood with customer service and help small businesses reach consumers in their communities.