Join us for an afternoon of caregiver pampering at WRNMMC

From one caregiver to another!
Let me pamper you – I know you need this!

Join me at: NSA Bethesda USO, Room 3
Wednesday November 6

Take time for yourself – you deserve it!

You will receive JAFRA hand massages while soaking your feet in fragrant oils, sea salt and lotion

Please remember to bring your own towel, change of socks, and a bucket or pail to hold the water for your feet

RSVP to Linda Rasnake
I have gifts for the first 10 people!

Children are welcome
I can teach you basic infant massage as well.

P.S. this is provided by your fellow caregiver, Laura Benson.
I lived with my husband in building 62 from 2017 to 2019.
We now live in Orlando. I miss all of you very much.
I know how hard things can be so please let me treat you!

Laura Benson
Author: Laura Benson