Home décor retailer West Elm invites local business owners to set up pop-up shops in their stores on weekends. The opportunity, called West Elm Local, gives artisans a chance to expand their brand awareness and potentially their customer base, as well.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means all kinds of new things are on the horizon. What does this mean for us? We’re excited to announce dozens of new items from our local makers, both new and returning, that will brighten up your home, revamp your self-care routine, and elevate your decor for the warmer, happier days to come.

Since its beginning in 2013, West Elm LOCAL has worked with 800+ makers across the country, helping to nurture talent in small businesses while introducing one-of-a-kind products to make your home feel unique to you and your community. So get ready to be inspired for your spring decorating (despite what the weather is telling you!) with new products that support local, small and handcrafted.

Each of makers lives + works near a west elm store, supporting craft + creativity in their community. Since 2013, our LOCAL program has introduced you to the work of 900+ neighboring artisans while making each of our stores a local community connector.
Ashley Mary

A returning West Elm LOCAL maker, Ashley Mary is a Minneapolis-based abstract artist, designer and illustrator. Ashley’s background in design informs her paintings and collages that effortlessly blend bold color and modern shapes. Inspired by what can be found all around us, she creates energetic works that are organic, fresh and delightfully messy.

For spring, we’re introducing three new limited edition paintings: “Steady,” “Green Machine,” and “Put The Needle On The Record.” Ashley debuted with our LOCAL program in 2018, and has since grown within our collection, expanding each season to include exclusive artwork. Her joy-inducing paintings are one-of-a-kind, created by hand and shipped directly from her studio to your home to add a little extra happiness to any space.Take a tour of Ashley’s studio here!

Ashley Mary is a Minneapolis-based abstract artist, designer and illustrator.

This wonderful local program has more details, located here

Laura Benson
Author: Laura Benson